Athletics facilities offering high-quality sports equipment, favour not only the performance of the athlete during their training sessions, but also their results in the competition.

Athletics Equipment

Lausín y Vicente offers an extensive range of athletics equipment for athlete training and competition.

The manufacture of our products is done by using high quality materials and following the technical specifications set by the regulations. For this reason, many of our athletics products are certified by the International Athletics Federation “World Athletics”.

Athletics is one of our passions, and in our catalogue, you can find all the equipment necessary divided in different disciplines:

Track events equipment

In this sporting discipline, you can find the equipment that best fits your installation and athletes. For example: competition hurdles, training hurdles, school hurdles, steeplechase and water jump barriers, starting blocks, relay batons, race starters podium, finish posts, race start prism, starter flags, black starting judge screen, hurdle trolley and lap counter with bell.

Throwing events equipment

One of our main objectives is that your sports facilities has all the necessary quality equipment for the athletes. For this reason, in the throwing discipline, we offer hammer/discus cages, discus cages, shot put/hammer circles, discus/hammer conversion circles, wind direction indicator or throwing marker boxes.

Long jump equipment

In our equipment for long jump, you can find an extensive range of products to complete your sports facility. Among them, we offer you our adjustable galvanized/stainless steel take-off board, the mould and reference take-off board, the corner piece of the put, the canvas sandpit cover, the sandpit rakes and the metric scale for long and triple jump.

Pole vault equipment

We offer all the equipment to practice this athletics discipline, such as the pole vault landing mat, the crossbar and other accessories, the metal cover for pole landing mats, the aluminium pole vault stands for competition, the metal pole vault stands, the pole vault box and the mobile rack for poles.

Shot puts equipment

For the shot put event, we offer all the equipment for your track and field installation, such as the toe board, the throwing circle, the indoor throwing area and the shot put rack.

High jump equipment

For the athletes specialized in high jump, it is very important that the athletics equipment is of high quality and exudes confidence. That is why, our school mats, the height gauge, the crossbar, the high jump landing mat and high jump stands, are manufactured with the utmost care and the best materials to perform this discipline.

Equipment for discus, hammer and javelin throws

In these categories of discus, hammer and javelin throws, you can find the discus throwing circle, the discus rack, the hammer rack and the javelin rack.

General track and field equipment

In addition to the manufacture of athletics equipment for all these disciplines, we offer other products to complete your sport facility and athletics track, such as the aluminium perimetral track kerbing, the scoreboard for different events, the presentation podium, the race starters podium, judges stand and the sector line marking tape.