Sports furnishings

In Lausin y Vicente, we not only manufacture sports equipment for the performance of different sports disciplines, but we also care about the space and furniture that complete the sports facilities. We offer a wide range of products, such as changing room benches, lockers, stands, scoreboards and dividing curtains.

Equipment and furniture for sports facilities

At Lausín y Vicente, besides the manufacture of material and equipment for sports, athletics and gymnastics, we also keep in mind the space, convenience and safety of your sport facility.

On one hand, besides trusting the material, the athletes need to feel comfortable and safe at the place they train, and that is why that we also manufacture equipment and furniture for your facility’s changing rooms. In this section, we have 3 categories: changing room benches, coaters and lockers.

Changing room benches

We adapt our products to our changing room, offering an extensive range of changing benches in pine or phenolic, and the possibility of adding a coat hanger, backrest or shelf.

Coat hangers

In this category, you will find coat hangers in wood, phenolic or steel.


Any changing room needs lockers, so the athletes can keep their personal belonging. At Lausín y Vicente, we offer different types of lockers: metal lockers, lockers in melamine and lockers in phenolic.

In any competitive sport, the audience is essential for encouraging and accompanying the athletes, and this is also important for us. At Lausín y Vicente, we want the audience to feel comfortable and be aware of the match’s results. That is why, we offer the following categories of products.


We understand that all the sports facilities are different, and that is why we offer different types of stands, so you can choose the model that best fits in the available space. We offer mobile, folding or removable bleaches.


In this section, you will find different types of scoreboards such as electronic multisport scoreboard, manual scoreboard, football/rugby scoreboard and 24” possession scoreboard among others.

Lastly, we want you to get the most out of your sport facility and to have great durability over time, that is why we offer you a selection of products divided into the following categories.

Dividing curtains

Many installations such as sports halls, have big dimensions being possible to practice different sports. At Lausin y Vicente, we want you to optimize the space of your sport installation, and that is why we offer you different types of dividing curtains.

Safety pads

The daily attendance of many people at the sport facility, as well as the constant practice of different sports, can wear away the walls or damage some elements of your installation. We are committed to the durability and quality of our products and for this reason, we offer articles to facilitate maintenance and reduce wear and tear on your installation through wall protectors and safety nets.