The sports equipment manufactured by our company, which is destined to the practice of all sports, is produced with high-quality materials and excellent finishes that will make your installation be an example at national and international level.

Equipment for individual and team sports

At Lausín y Vicente, you can find all the sport equipment necessary for the professional and educational practice of all sports. We know the difficulty of acquiring all the sport equipment necessary for your sport facility, school, sport club or distribution company. Our objectives are that the equipment is of quality and trust, that is why, the products we offer are designed and manufactured according to European Standards, to make your sports space a safe place in which the athletes can focus on improving their results and performance. The world of sports is very broad, so we have divided our sports catalogue into several categories, one for each sport discipline.

Football equipment

In this category, you can find products to complete your sport equipment for your football field: 7-a-side football goals, 11-a-side football goals, 5-a-side football goals, indoor football goals, beach football goals, football nets, and a series of products to improve the training of the players, such as PVC football free kick mannequins. Moreover, we offer other football equipment that will improve your sport facility, such as players exit tunnels, vertical irrigation sprinkler protectors or team shelters.

Basketball equipment

We offer basketball equipment for schools, training and competition. We keep in mind your sport facility, that is why, we manufacture basketball goals that adapt to you needs, such as ceiling-mounted basketball systems, in ground basketball goals, wall-mounted basketball systems, school basketball goals, antivandal basketball goals and mini-basket goals. To complete your basketball equipment, you can choose the type of basketball backboards (fiberglass or methacrylate), ring and net that fits best.

Handball equipment

In our company, we offer you all the necessary handball equipment for practicing this sport discipline at training and competition level. Within our product range, you will find handball goals, handball nets, tchouck balls for training your athletes, or crossbar reducers for handball goals.

Tennis equipment

In this category, you will find all the products you need to equip your tennis court: tennis or paddle posts in aluminium, tennis posts in steel, tennis nets and tennis umpire chairs.

Volleyball equipment

Whether your facility is for volleyball or beach volleyball, we offer you all the necessary products for this sport discipline: volleyball posts, volleyball nets, volleyball net antennas or volleyball post protectors.

Badminton equipment

Within our product range, in this category you will find fixed and mobile badminton posts and badminton nets.

Rugby equipment

To complete your installation and rugby field, we manufacture rugby goals and rugby goals protectors with the highest quality and safety for your players.

Hockey equipment

In this category, you can find hockey and roller hockey goals and nets.

Water polo equipment

We manufacture fixed and floating water polo goals for your installation.

Boxing equipment and products for martial arts installations

Lastly, we offer equipment for boxing and martial arts. Although our main product is the tatami floor, we also offer products to improve the training of the boxer such as boxing punching bags, skipping ropes and boxing punching balls.