Our certificates

In Lausin y Vicente, we work with a continuous spirit of achievement, improving our products. For that, we are proud of counting on these quality certificates for the following products.

FIFA Quality

The FIFA Quality Programme for Football Goals defines a global testing standard with a focus on durability, consistency, and safety.

FIFA Quality marks are an integral part of the FIFA Quality Programme, helping end users of football products, technologies and playing surfaces to identify products that have been tested and certified to the FIFA Quality Programme standards.

ISO 9001:2015

It’s the international quality standard. Its adoption responds to the strategic decision of the organization to improve its overall performance in internal processes and at the same time customer satisfaction.

World Athletics / IAAF

The World Athletics Certification System (formerly IAAF) aims to ensure quality and establish standardization criteria that guarantee the validity and precision of athletes’ marks anywhere in the world.

Our certified products

D.06.070FIFA   11-a-side football goals FIFA

A.03.19   High jump landing area 

A.02.02 Pole vault box

ISO 9001:2015 EN

A.03.29 Pole vault landing area

A.09.50 Water jump barrier 3.66 m long

A.09.60 Steeplechase barrier 3.96 m long
A.09.70 Steeplechase barrier 5.00m long

A.07.20 High jump stands. Competition

A.98.00 Athletics aluminium kerb

A.98.10 Removable anodized aluminium silver track curbing

A.99.94 Metal discus/hammer cage

A.99.840 Circle reducer for hammer circle

A.99.92 Discus throwing tangential circle

A.09.04 Aluminium race hurdles. Competition

A.06.651 Fibre stop borrad

A.99.97 Circle shot put and hammer

A.11.07 Adjustable metal jump board

A.07.05 Aluminium pole vault stands. Competition

A.07.055 Aluminium pole vault stands. Foldable. Competition

A.09.03 Metal competition race hurdle. 6 heights. World Athletics.

A.09.040 Aluminium competition race hurdle. 6 heights. World Athletics.

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