Gymnastics equipment and apparatus

At Lausín y Vicente, for more than 50 years now, we have been manufacturing gymnastics equipment and apparatus for thousands of national and international gymnasts. This sport discipline requires strength, flexibility, balance and skills from the athlete, and that is why, in our company, we want to respond to them with the highest quality and safety, so they can perform this sport discipline in training and competition sessions. Within this section of the Web, you will find the categories of gymnastics equipment divided by apparatus or disciplines:


For this discipline, we offer metal rings, wooden rings and the rings frame.

Climbing apparatus

In this section, you can find marine ladders, climbing poles, climbing rails and smooth and knotted climbing ropes.

Swedish benches

We manufacture Swedish benches in pine and birch with wooden or metal legs.

Balance beams

For the gymnasts that are learning or practicing this discipline, we offer balance beams for initiation and competition levels, as well as their transport system.

Vaulting horses

In this section, you will find vaulting horses for initiation and competition levels, with or without pommels, using first class leather – natural or synthetic – and distinguishing between wooden or metal legs. We also offer the vaulting horse transport system.

Trampolines, mats and minitramps

For many gymnastics’ disciplines, the jump and landing are essential. That is why, we manufacture trampolines, mats and rubber-band or spring minitramps, considering the highest quality and safety for the gymnasts.

Vaulting boxes

In this category, we offer straight or pyramid shaped vaulting boxes, having different heights and sections, using natural or synthetic leather, but always characterized by their quality, stability and robustness.

Vaulting bucks

Among the products related to this gymnastic discipline, you will find vaulting bucks with wooden or metal legs, and first-class leather.

Other products and equipment for artistic and rhythmic gymnastics

Lastly, we offer an extensive range of products for the development and improvement of the gymnasts, such as ladders, wall bars with different sizes and number of bars, sticks and a children’s gym. Moreover, we have a selection of articles to complete your rhythmic gymnastics equipment such as the rhythmic gymnastics floor area, the springboards or the club support.