Aluminium race hurdles. Competition

IAFF Certificate No. E-14-0819

Designed and made according to the standards of the International Athletics Federation. The base is made of aluminium profiles, with rectangular section and rounded edges. They are equipped with counterweights inside, with an automatic 5-position locking system corresponding to the five different standard heights (1.067 m, 1.000 m, 0.914 m, 0.840 m, 0.762 m). This adjustment is made with adhesive tape located at the top of the base. Circular section aluminium tubes with locking system of the hurdle at the five standard heights through a strip/spring and a steel bolt. White PVC hurdle highly resistant to potential impacts in jump. Each tube incorporates an adhesive ruler indicating the five heights. The structure is finished with epoxy powder paint and is subsequently oven-dried at 200 ºC in silver. Tubes / extensions in dark blue.

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