“Iberus” free-standing competition basketball goals

The “Iberus” goal has been developed for installation in all types of sports complexes. Aside from its uniquely innovative design, the key features of this item are how easily it can be folded away and transported. All the dimensions and specifications for this product have been drawn up in line with the requirements of European Standard EN-1270. The “Iberus” hoop consists of the following elements: Main arm: made in structural steel pipe, it has a projection level of 3,25 m. The supporting latticework welded to the arm is in a curved section, providing solidity and style to the goal. Front & back posts: produced in metal sections, these are responsible for bearing the weight and the stress from the main arm. The front post is equipped with the mechanisms required to lift and fold the hoop. Hoop base: dimensions – 1820 x 1320 x 700 mm. Curved rectangular sections are attached to the side to support the weight of the posts and main arm and offer robustness, aside from adding to the aesthetics of the whole hoop. The retractable wheel system helps move the hoop around easily. Safety bar: placed between the front and back supports to immobilise the hoop and ensure it does not fold up unexpectedly. Backbaord supporting frame: this consists of the basketball backboard (made according to official regulations) and the backboard supporting frame, which comprises an 1800 x 1050 mm frame in rectangular cross-section metal sections. Tilting metal ring: with an inside diameter of 450 mm made from a Ø18 mm calibrated solid steel rod. Protectors (front, side): included for the main arms and the lower part of the backboard. Made from polyurethane foam and plastic tarp upholstered onto 16 mm thick medium density boards. Counterweights: included in the price and stored at the back of the base. All the metal fittings for the hoop are in steel, which is hot dip zinc-plated. The surface of the structural elements that make up the hoop are covered with polyester resin paint. Not included in this item no.: backboards & nets. To purchase them, use their item numbers to order these products. Price per set.

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