11-a-side football goals FIFA

FIFA Quality Certification Nº1017522

Designed and manufactured according to European standard UNE-EN 748. Regulatory measurements: 7,32 x 2,44m.

Uprights and crossbars in extruded aluminium pipe with an oval cross-section measuring 120x100mm lacquered in RAL 9010 white. Corners joints to join post and crossbar together in 60x60x2mm square zinced steel pipe to make the goal highly robust and durable. Aluminium sockets (50cm) and polyamide net hooks are included.

Rear folding bases in round galvanized steel pipe. It is used to attach the netting to the pitch without the need for nailing it to the ground; useful for grass pitches as it can be folded so the grass can be cut in the goal area.

Rear posts in round galvanized steel pipe. Used to tighten the upper section of the netting by means of ties; creates a “box” effect. It includes safety protectors made of PVC canvas and foam rubber fillings with a fixing system.

4mm polypropylene nets with 120mm square mesh. Size: 7,5×2,5/2x2m. White colour.

Ref. D.06.070FIFA Category