Hockey goals

Made according to the requirements detailed in European Regulation UNE-EN 750. Posts, crossbars and bases in aluminium profile (75 x 50 x 3 mm) rectangular cross-section. Made in special 6082 aluminium alloy which has undergone T6 thermal treatment to make it more robust and resistant to impacts. Easy-to-fit polyamide hooks to hold the net to the goal frame. Posts and crossbar lacquered in RAL 9010 white. Lower base in aluminium (uncoloured). Net supports and rear reinforcements in hot dip galvanized steel profile. Rear and side panels in 21 mm dark brown plywood. Dimensions: 3,66 x 2,14 m/Depth at top: 0,9 m/ Depth at base: 1,2 m. Wheels optional. Price per set (w/o net).

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