Metal volleyball/tennis/badminton posts

Produced in accordance with European Regulation EN 1271. 80 mm diameter round cross-section steel posts painted with epoxy paint and kiln-dried. Adjustable net height: from 1,06 m (tennis) to 2,43 m max. (volleyball). Adhesive strip on the two posts to indicate and adjust net height. The net is tightened using a hand-cranked winch sat on a pad on one of the posts; includes the pulley and clamping screw. The tightening plate and net calibration runs along a guide rail welded to the posts. Ground sockets with caps to be embedded into the flooring: 40 cm long. In the movable version, each post includes a metal structure painted in white with epoxy and kiln-dried; it comes with a sheet counterweight and two 80 mm diameter grey rubber wheels, which do not mark the flooring. This structure is ready to be bolted to the flooring so the posts can be used properly during game time. Net not included. Price per set (2 units).

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