Removable grandstand

Removable galvanized metal structure comprising 2.5 m interlocking modules to create the length pf grandstand required. The modules are comprised of side structures, walkways and a rear section, where some 40 x 2 mm square pipe profiles and some 40 x 2 mm plates are bolted into place to provide the stand with stability and rigidity. The side structure comprises 40 x 2 mm St-275 square structural steel pipes welded to a 60 x 40 x 2 mm scaled rectangular pipe base, reinforced by crossed 40 x 2 mm plate straps in the central section. The walkway area comprises the seats and the access stairway. The seats are made from a 40 x 3 mm scaled square steel profile frame to which a 15 mm non-slip plywood board is bolted. PVC seats with backrests, without backrests or bench seats are attached to this base. The 1 m access stairways are made from the same materials and found every 6 m across the stand. The side and rear rails are in 40 x 2 mm square pipe and bolted to the module. Included from 4 rows (not included for 3 rows or fewer). All the structural steel profile is made in cold dip before undergoing degreasing and hot dip galvanizing to make the structure highly weather-resistant. PVC seats included. Price per linear metre.

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