Hammer/discus cage

IAFF Certificate No. E-12-0687

The cage comprises six tubes of 7.20 m, four starting posts of 10.20 m and two mobile doors of 10.20 m with two crossbars of the same material, of galvanised steel tubing, each section 90x90x3 mm. Each tube has a winch to raise the net. All posts are joined by a telescopic tube with a 38 mm diameter round section. The cage is fixed to the ground by 100x100x3 mm and 80 cm depth anchors, six of which are single for 7.20 m posts and four are double for 10.20 m posts. 5 mm knotless polypropylene yarn net (at customer’s request) with green or black 45×45 mm mesh. The assembly can withstand a wind resistance of 66-138 km/h with the mounted net. In stronger wind, the structure may be deformed and even bent, so the net should be completely removed.

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