Ceiling-mounted basketball goal control system

Replacement part for ceiling mounted basketball goals: “Módica” and “Bari”. Control system for automatic goals, assembled in a 400 x 300 x 200 mm metal cabinet. Terminal inlet and outlet at the bottom. Terminal block for limit signals. 4x12 A circuit-breaker at head with gate key control (removable in position D). Comes with two gear motor outlets (1.5 CV 400V each) with a 1.6-2.5 A breaker and two three-pole contactors to reverse rotation, with mechanical and electrical interlocks. Buttons and indicators on the door including: 2 green pilot lights (Up-Down); 1 red pilot light (alarm); 1 selector switch (Basket 1 - Basket 2); 2 buttons (UP-DOWN). Fully assembled and with cables. Price per unit.

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