“Merano” and “Nogara” free-standing competition basketball goals

The “Merano” and “Nogara” free-standing goal was designed and created to be used in all sports facilities. Aside from its uniquely innovative design, the key features of this item are how easily it can be folded away and transported. All the dimensions and specifications for this product have been drawn up in line with the requirements of European Standard EN-1270. The complete goal set comprises the following main parts: The main arm of the hoop is made in #100 x 100 x 3 square structural steel pipe with a projection of 2,25 m (or 1,65 m) from the backboard to the goal structure (depending on item No.). The front and back sections of the goal are made from various structural steel pipes and are attached to the main arm and the base of the hoop. They support and pass the weight and stress to which the goal is subject during use on to the base. They enable the whole structure to rotate as required so the goal can be folded away and unfolded. Hoop base dimensions: 1765 x 1100 mm. Comes with a wheel system so the goal can be moved around and the spring mechanism which allows the hoop to be folded/unfolded. The back section contains the counterweight necessary to ensure stability when the hoop is being moved around. It includes floor anchor points, which must be used in accordance with regulations when the hoops are being used for matches. The safety section located between the front and back sections holds the goal in the correct usable position and immobilises it, thus preventing the hoop from folding/unfolding unexpectedly. Lastly, the supporting frame, made in the dimensions indicated by the regulations, has the frame and ring attached (depending on the code No.). All the metal components are covered with an epoxy-polyester paint (in heat-hardened powder form containing polyester resins). This coating provides these elements with a high level of resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet rays, as well as protecting from mechanical impact. The hoop is supplied with its padded protectors, both the upper one for the backboard frame and the triangular front one for the frontal hoop support.

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